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I would like to share my experience about the cold problem of my granddaughter Prisha. Every month she was suffering from cold problem and we had to rush to the hospital for taking medicines for her. But, after approaching Dr. Arati, she told me that the medicine is a temporary solution. She had allergy problem due to change in season and we need to cure it by improving her immune system. She gave Ayurvedic medicines and some diet advice. By doing this regularly now since long she is energized and eats everything without any problem. In short, proper guidance and diagnosis makes a person healthy and tension free. Thanks and I recommend to approach Dr. Arati for proper guidance of any disease. God bless you Ma’am 🙏🏻

- P.P. Bhatt

I was diagnosed with minor thyroid and consulted many allopathic clinicians but was not satisfied with their results, finally I decided to go with Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Arati Desai and she helped me cure it gradually. Also for my severe acne I took treatment from her as I had alredy developed trust in her treatment. Thanks Dr. Arati for all the guidance you gave to me apart from medicines, it still helps me with my healthcare.

- Shreshtha

I had been suffering from severe hair fall problem. Then I started taking treatment from Dr. Arati. She prescribed me a few medicines, a shampoo and a hair oil. She also asked me to make some changes in my diet and my routine. I followed her advice and within just two weeks, I started seeing really positive results. Thank you doctor.

- Hetal

I have been a regular patient of Dr. Arati Desai and I have immense faith in her. I suffered from Chikungunya in 2021, I consulted many allopathic doctors and  was only given temporary healing medicines. The pain came back as soon as my medicines were over. So I consulted Arati madam for and  she gave me medicine course for 1 month. Despite of what my allopathy doctor said that there is no cure for Chikungunya (pain in some parts of body will remain throughout), I was fully recovered with madam’s medicines in a month. I highly recommend people to come and visit her clinic once, she is very good in her practice. My whole family believes in her treatment. Well done!

- Sharmishtha


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