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Nurturing Health with Aryuveda

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं।
The meaning of this verse is “To maintain the health of a healthy individual and to treat the diseases of diseased”. At our clinic we live by this maxim and we do our best at nurturing health of patients with Ayurveda.

About Us

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Arati Desai

B.A.M.S Dr. Arati Desai graduated with a B.A.M.S. degree from Gujarat Ayurved University (G.U.A.). Since her graduation in 1996, she has been practising Ayurveda in Ahmedabad, India. Having 25+ years of experience, Dr. Arati has an expertise in Ayurvedic treatment. She has treated numerous patients and helped them live healthier lives. Ayurveda Physician | Renowned Doctor in Ahmedabad                                        Diet Regime | Suvarnaprasan | Arthritis and other Joint  Disorders | Migraine | Digestion Problems | Thyroid | Obesity  Hair and Skin Problems | Diabetes | Cholesterol | PMS | Post Covid complications | Children’s Health Ph. : 9537023335 Email : drdesaiarati@gmail.com Learn More Book an Appointment Health

Our Services


Helping patients with daily routine guidance which includes diet chart and various exercises, different season wise routine and many more precautionary measures which leads to healthier and disease free lifestyle.


Providing with best treatment solutions for patients with various diseases in most risk free and best way possible to the patients so that they have least side effects and get fast as well as efficient recovery to live vibrantly. Testimonials

Reviews of Our Patients

Read All Testimonials My granddaughter had allergy problem since long time. Every month she was suffering from cold problem and we had to rush to the hospital for taking medicines for her. We took her to Dr. Ararti and through proper guidance and diagnose she is energized and eats everything without any problem. Thanks and I recommend to approach Dr. Arati for proper guidance of any disease. – P.P Bhatt I was diagnosed with minor thyroid and consulted many allopathic clinicians but was not satisfied with their results, finally I decided to go with Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Arati Desai and she helped me cure it gradually. Also for my severe acne I took treatment from her as I had alredy developed trust in her treatment. Thanks Dr. Arati for all the guidance you gave to me apart from medicines, it still helps me with my healthcare. – Shreshtha I have been a regular patient of Dr. Arati Desai. The faith I have developed in her is immense. I suffered from Chikungunya in 2021, so i consulted madam for ayurvedic medicines and i was completely healed in 1 month, whereas allopathy doctor said there is no cure for Chikungunya but I was fully recovered with madam’s medicines.. I highly recommend people to come and visit her clinic once, she is very good in her practice. My whole family believes in her treatment. – Sharmishtha Skin Problems Flu and Migraine Children’s Health Digestion Problems Gynecological Conditions Joint Pain Diseases

Diseases We Treat

Diseases that can be treated using Ayurvedic medicine at our clinic. We include almost every aspect of ayurvedic medicine and herbal products to cure various diseases. Learn More FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why go for Ayurveda instead of other systems of medical practice?

The reason many people trust Ayurveda over other systems is Ayurvedic herbs and treatments don’t have any side effects unlike other systems. Also a unique feature about Ayurveda is that it focuses as much on prevention as on curing the diseases.

Can I get the medicines from your clinic after the consultation? Yes all the prescribed medicines will be available at the clinic. Do I need to book an appointment before visiting? Booking an appointment isn’t mandatory, but it will make it easier for you as you won’t have to wait for too long for your turn as you’ve already booked before. Learn more