Improving Real-Time Management

Effective real-time management is dependent on the right data to gauge compliance and clear processes to react when you see variations. It is not the job of your workforce management team to deal with adherence issues. This is the responsibility of your business operations.

Improved real-time management can cut operational costs by reducing the requirement for additional agents. It also increases satisfaction with customers by ensuring customers are not facing long wait times to get support. Getting to the root of issues as they arise results in support agent burnout is less likely and that customers won’t have to complain about the experience later.

It is important to assign someone who will be responsible for monitoring the management tool in real-time throughout the day. This can be a dedicated person, a position that is that is shared among team members or a task that is included in a job description. The most important thing is that it gets done and that it is a consistent part of the daily routine.

It’s essential to ensure that everyone is in agreement with the new system and to make sure they know the benefits it can bring to them. It’s a good idea to solicit feedback from employees because it will provide you with a picture of how your employees are adjusting to the new process. This gives you the chance to address any issues.

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